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Art and Cultural Projects
Cassie May 

Neospace is the home of Cassie May; curator and arts consultant. This identity has evolved from a contemporary art space in Collingwood, Melbourne, and is now an arts, heritage and culture consultancy. I can assist you as an artist, individual collector or enthusiast, community or larger organisation. There is always lots to do -  arts and cultural projects, curation, writing, research and collection management.

Digital art exhibit

What We Do

I can provide practical advice to assess the condition of artwork, objects or collections and make recommendations for management, inventory, valuation, re-housing, condition or archival needs.

Policy development is our speciality:

- Collection Policies
- Significance Assessment
- Museum Accreditation (MAP)
- Interpretation Plans
- Victorian Collections
- Research and content writing
- Tailored reports on capacity, condition or strategic objectives

I can also draw from a team of GLAM experts in areas including fine art digital printing, graphic design, valuations, conservation, Significance Assessments, video production and content, oral histories,
installation and logistics.

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