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Benjamin Lichtenstein

March 28 - 2 May, 2014

An experimentation in sculpture, drawing and photography, Lichtenstein has abstracted and re-assembled two dimensional planes in the darkroom. Creating unique state prints, this suite of work differs from his previous documentary-style collages, abstracting form to create new scenarios.

The subjects of Crescent are varied; car crashes, musical performances, the suburbs and abstracted landscapes fill its scenes, which have an introspective, and at times melancholic mood to them.

The crescent, like its counterpart gibbous, is a phase of the moon that is not full, not half, and not new. Viewed in isolation, is it waxing, or is it waning?

Crescent is also the title of a John Coltrane song, from the 1964 album of the same name, and universally regarded as the saxophonist's darkest album; a point of departure for Lichtenstein

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